Friday, April 22, 2011

Not Quite Geek Gems: Cthulu Fish T-shirt

OK, creationists and evolutionists. Points made. You will both go further out of your way to antagonize and bait one another than anyone guessed you would. Nothing will stop either side from shouting louder than the other. Got it.

But consider this argument settled.

First, people displayed ichthys ornaments (casually, the "Jesus fish") celebrating their devotion to the Book of Genesis' creation of the Heavens, Earth and all creatures great and small including humans. Then one day, a snarky evolutionist fired a dramatic shot across the bow and drew legs beneath the fish. Then the creationists drew the enhanced ichthys dead on its back, legs pointing skyward, and labeled it "Darwin."

All the while, a certain Great Old One who has probably lived long enough that he knows what really
happened was too polite to just say "You are stupid, and so is your bickering. Time to eat you now. Om nom nom."

Or, you know . . . something like that. 

You'd really do well not to test Cthulu's patience and just click here.

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